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Liquid black soap

The hair & Body wash that does more...

  1. Great lather
  2. Deep cleansing
  3. Exotic Fragrants
  4. Germ annihilator
  5. Great make-up remover
  6. Balances your skin’s oil production
  7. Removes product build-up from the scalp.
  8. Use like shaving cream to reduce razor bumps
  9. Relief from the symptoms casused by acne & eczema

proudly made in ghana

The Jewel of Africa


The Scribe's Corner

The Perfect Side Hustle

You no longer need 10,000 followers to be an influencer, you can influence your small network and still earn good money in commissions.
Usually influencers post an “Ads” on social media and bank on getting a 2-3% conversion rate, but there’s a much better approach that yields 30-35% positive responses.

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Rising Prices On The Horizon

We hate increasing prices!  We argue with our accountant over the differences every year, eventually agreeing to necessary increments, but never agreeing to the amounts suggested. This year’s pricing meeting was epic, everyone had a calculator in hand and a point to make, but no one could dispute our accountant’s demand to increase prices more than usual, but we were able to keep the increases from happening before January 2022.

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The Benefits of Baobab Oil

You may never have heard of baobab oil, but get ready to hear about it often, because it’s about to become the next big thing in skin and hair care.

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