Earth Seed

Last Sunday we held a vibe at Palace Afrika.  The idea was to create a space where people who think for themselves could vibe in the company of other people who think for themselves, to serve as a reminder, to us, that we’re not alone in this crazy world, at this crazy time.  For those who attended, it was just that, but so few attended! 

Once the sound was set Selecta Jah T took the controls, setting the pace with Foundation Reggae music.  His collection is outa-this-world! He selected his tunes from an era when Roots reigned supreme, digging deep in his crates, taking us all further down that rabbit hole than we’d ever been, mesmerizing us with vibes.

Selecta Jah T longside DJ Serius

After taking in much of Jah T’s set, DJ Serius tuned into the frequency and proceeded to take the baton from the elder DJ. He slipped into the groove like a maestro, taking us from Foundation to 90’s, to R&B, to Bashment and finally to the classics. Like an assassin, who came to murder the entire crowd, he sprayed hit after hit, eventually getting every one of the 30 or so people onto the floor.  Those who felt it, knew they were experiencing a magical moment it, and will never forget it! Even though the vibe was perfect, I couldn’t help but imagine what it would have been like if all those for whom this event was meant, actually attended.  It’s a week later and I’m still wondering if I’m really the only one who values this kind of musical therapy and energy?

Nonetheless, we made the most of it, enjoying every bit of the ones who showed up.  DJ Serius, A.K.A., Dan Kellman, recently repatriated from Canada with his beautiful family, as did quite a few other Canadians. They turned up for their DJ, keeping step a with a few veteran socialites, working the dance floor like the official vibes cartel they are!

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