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African black soap body wash

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to get all the benefits that you are looking for in a single product, but there’s good news! African black soap is multi-purpose, a single soap for achieving flawless skin!

What Makes this Soap so Special?

Here’s our simple formula:

  • Cocoa Pod Ashes-  Otherwise known as potash, the detergent in our soap.
  • Coconut oil- When mixed with potash coconut oil generates the most lather of any fat.
  • Water- Potable water for sensitive skin.
  • Essential Oil- Extracts from plants add fragrance and healing properties.

Hence, the soap contains no chemical ingredients!  But check out these 3 benefits:

Skin Disorders

If you are suffering from eczema, acne or any of the many skin-related diseases, merely bathing with a soap that actually contains potash goes a long way in treating your condition.  Note, these conditions are genetic, thus not curable, but liquid black soap manages the symptoms so well you may forget you have them.

Deep Cleanse

For general healthy skin, it is necessary to exfoliate regularly.  Again, because of its ingredients, liquid black soap mildly removes dead skin cells with each wash, revealing a new you twice a day.  In the process it removes old oils, allowing the pores in your skin to air out.  To replenish and moisturize your skin try our shea butter or body oil of your choosing.

Hair Wash

Liquid black soap doubles as the most potent hair wash.  It breaks up grease and build-up allowing the scalp breath.  During the first wash, the lather is mediocre since it is grappling with dirt build-up, but by the second wash, you will be overwhelmed with lather and the whistle-clean feel emanating from the roots of your hair.  A  third wash is only necessary if you have been woefully neglectful of your crown.

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