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Home Made

We take the most pride in the simplicity of our outfit. Although we strive to put out a first rate product, we make these products in our garage, with our hands. Even as we scale up our business, it’s intended to always be an extension of our home. It is the perfect teaching model for our children, who also home-school and participate in various aspects of production. This is a lifestyle, not just a brand.


Our raw materials are all sourced from a seed, nut or flower found here Ghana. However we import essential oils from a certified organic distiller in Oregon, U.S.  Our products are safe for your skin and the environment.

However we are  challenged by the fact that we contribute thousands of plastic bottles into the environment every month. To off-set  this impact we encourage our local consumers to take advantage of our refill program.  Save up to 55% on refills. For more info check out our Refill Campaign.