Shea Oil, 4 oz.



  • Lighter than shea butter
  • Highly moisturizing
  • Good for skin & hair
  • Good for all skin types
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    1. Shea nut oil for skin- This super-hydrating oil can be applied directly to your skin as a moisturiser. As pure shea oil is non-comedogenic, you can use it as a face or body oil moisturiser. It’s also an effective emollient, so it can be particularly good for very dry skin on elbows, feet, and knees.
    1. Shea nut oil for hair- If your locks are looking a little parched, a treatment including shea oil could help rejuvenate your distressed mane. Consider using shea nut oil as a pre-shampoo (often referred to as a pre-poo.) Shampooing can strip moisture from your hair, so a dose of the oil before you wash adds a protective layer to your tresses. This is a technique often used by people with curly hair types.
      Simply apply the oil to dry hair and leave it for as long as you can before shampooing. Aim for 30 minutes but consider using as an overnight treatment too. This locks in moisture, which will help to restore the suppleness of dry and damaged hair. One proviso though – if you have fine hair avoid applying it to your roots as it can cause an oily appearance. Apply oil to the ends only.
    1. Nail conditioning treatment- Look out for shea oil in the ingredients list for your cuticle and nail treatments. It can be an effective way to soften dry and brittle cuticles. Or make your own shea-infused nail oil.
    1. Carrier oil for essential oil blends- Olive oil is commonly used to dilute essential oils before use. But shea nut oil could be a great alternative, particularly as it doesn’t have a strong scent. You could try using Shea nut oil when making a simple massage oil.

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