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The Difference.

Our brand is an extension of our lifestyle. We wear the same crowns at work as at home. Matter-of-fact we work from home, where we come up with new formulas based upon our family’s demand for more natural solutions. If we think an idea will resonate with our tribe we perfect it, vet it and present it to you.

A Promise.

We NEVER use harsh chemicals to cut cost or for any reason! After using our products, made from all natural ingredients, you will notice your skin really does become more supple, more radiant and more healthy.

Truly Authentic.

Being located in Ghana, West Africa, we’re able to source 99% of our ingredients from village-connoisseurs who provide us with the best from every region. True to our culture and tradition, we preserve formulas passed down from antiquity, once reserved for royalty and nobility.


If you’re trying our products for the first time you can’t possibly know if you will love them, nor can we guarantee that you will, but we can assure you satisfaction or your money back. Simple as that.