Gift Packages

We’ve noted that you tend to give our products away as much as you keep them for yourselves so we crafted gift packs you can share with your loved ones. However, since these are customized we can only make them available in Ghana, with free delivery anywhere in Accra.

Gift Pack (1).jpg

Gift Pack #1 (Him/Her)

Our first package is neutral. It includes an array of treats meant to make a King or a Queen blush.

  • Black Soap- Lemon Grass (500 ml.)

  • Shea Butter- Frank & Myrrh (250 ml.)

  • Hair Oil- w/Hemp Seed Oil (120 ml.)

  • Egyptian Musk- Body Oil (10 ml.)

  • All Natural Toothpaste (30 ml.)

  • All Natural Deodorant (20 ml.)

  • Mini Hair Butter (20 ml. )

  • GHS 150.00

Note: You may switch the fragrance of a soap, shea butter or body oil around to better suit the one you are gifting. You may also add a note.

Gift Pack (1).jpg

Gift Pack #2 (For Her)

Our second package is themed with her in mind. Whether it’s your mother or your wife, she will be pleased.

  • Black Soap- Lavender (500 ml.)

  • Hair Butter- Cedar Wood (250 ml.)

  • Massage Oil- Floral Essence (120 ml.)

  • Passion- Body Oil (10 ml.)

  • Lip Balm- Vanilla (20 ml.)

  • All Natural Toothpaste (30 ml.)

  • Mini Shea butter (20 ml.)

  • GHS 150.00

Place your order via whatsapp 026-289-8744 or contact us. Payments made to MTN mobile money.

Gift Pack (1).jpg

Gift Pack #3 (For Him)

Our third package is designed to please the Mr. Hard-to-please. Watch him melt before your eyes.

  • Black Soap- Tea Tree (500 ml.)

  • Shea Butter- Sandalwood (250 ml.)

  • Beard Oil- (120 ml.)

  • Cool Water- Body Oil (10 ml.)

  • All Natural Deodorant (20 ml.)

  • All Natural Toothpaste (30 ml.)

  • Mini Hair Butter (20 ml.)

  • GHS 150.00