Why A Natural Expo?

Ghanaians are no more than two generations away from living more natural lifestyles.  Most parents of today’s parents gave birth at home, never used plastic, never heard of diabetes, consumed coconut oil, farmed organically and ate what they grew.  As a result, they lived longer, their teeth and bones were stronger and they had more children, thus enjoying a better quality of life than their children. That is reason enough to reconsider some of the choices we have made and are making as a Nation. 

Some of us are aware that if we continue our present practices, we will deplete our natural resources and ultimately go extinct.  Those of us who refuse to accept that fate have strove to make less of an imprint and more of an impact.  The result is the emergence of a green industry in Ghana, providing goods and services that are healthier and/or more sustainable.  The Natural Expo aims to highlight such companies and the wonderful advances they are offering the Ghanaian populous, creating an environment conducive to stimulating progressive thought and action. The Natural Expo isn’t the first of its sort and it won’t be the last, thanks to that fact that the awakening is sweeping the Nation and will eventually will replace the line of reasoning that condones our self-destructive practices.  Earth Seed is just glad to play our role in the evolution of humanity by positively impacting our community.

This effort is made possible by the participation of the more than 50 companies that will be exhibiting on that day, but more notably, thanks to the shared vision of our sponsors:  Relish Health Foods, Point Innovate, HABESHA, Inc. and West African Health Organization.

AriEl YahzidComment