Our Imprint

We take the most pride in the simplicity of our outfit. Although we put out a first rate product, we continue to employ traditional methods for making  our products. Even as we scale up productions, we may increase our factory size and hire more hands, but it will always be a hands-on process.

Our raw materials are all sourced from a seed or fruit, either in its ripe form or long after it has use beyond that of possibly making potash for our soap. All of our ingredients are bio-degradable, most come from right here in Ghana, but our essential oils are imported from a certified organic distiller in Oregon, U.S.  Our products are not only safe for your skin, but also for the environment.

However we are  challenged by the fact that we contribute thousands of plastic bottles into the environment every month. To off-set  this negative impact we encourage our local consumers to take advantage of our refill program.  Save up 55% on refills. For more info check out our Refill Campaign. Furthermore, we have our eye on the emerging industry of hemp plastics. As soon as they become available we will make the switch.

AriEl YahzidComment