Shea Butter: A Boon for Beauty

Shea butter is a sort of a fat, extracted out of the fruit of African Shea tree, ivory in color. It is used mostly in cosmetics as a lotion, salve and a moisturizer. The Shea tree has its natural habitat in the dry Savannah belt of West Africa from Senegal in the west to Sudan in the east, and onto the foothills of the Ethiopian highlands. It occurs in 21 countries across the African continent, but Ghana’s shea butter is most world renowned. There are evidences of Shea butter production in Africa from as early as the 14th century.

From the inception of life the human race has benefited from the gifts of nature in one way or the other. It was pretty correctly stated by laureates and philosophers that nature is the first teacher of mankind. Everything that we as humans know has its roots in nature. Be it the process of hunting to satiate our hunger or the uses of flora and fauna in different walks of life such as medication and beautification.

The fruit of the Shea tree was a gift of nature to humanity. It is the main ingredient of many cosmetic and medicinal products.

Use of Shea Butter in Cosmetic Products

Shea butter moisturizes dry and damaged hair from the roots to the tips, making it more healthy and lustrous. Being a rich source of vitamins A and E, Shea butter repairs breakage and mends split ends. Shea butter acts as a protector of the hair from unfavorable weather condition, damage caused by wind, humidity, and extreme dryness, and repairs all the wear and tear that are faced by our hair.

Because of being rich in moisture, it acts as Achilles shield for the human body to guard it against the harmful ultraviolet radiations .The unparalleled moisturizing quality of Shea butter is due to the presence of several moisturizers present in the cream, these are the same moisturizer elements that are produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin, If we consider the concept of sebaceous glands producing natural moisturizer and the Shea butter having  the same moisturizer, strengthens the fact that it is the fact that Shea moisturizer is the best amongst all.

The exact benefit of vitamin E, present in Shea butter is a bit unclear, but it is considered effective in various situations such as anti-aging and improving the micro circulation in the skin.

The biggest advantage of using Shea butter is, firstly, it is the closest substitute or we can say the exact same and secondly, it is suitable for all skin types, whether oily or dry, air or dark etc.

It is evident that best results can only be achieved when; one has the best resources to render those results. So if one wants to experience the magical qualities of Shea butter, than he has to use the finest products, made from high quality raw materials and beware of the low grade replicas that are being circulated in the market.

There are a whole lot of Shea butter products but the most sought after product is the Shea butter balm, which is available in various verities and fragrances, giving the customers sufficient options to choose from, according to his need and taste. Balm is one of the most popular Shea butter products because of the multiplicity of uses.


Final Words

When we talk about any beauty and cosmetic product, one aspect that is always associated with it are side effects and risks involved in using that particular product and this thing might spring up in your minds regarding Shea butter also. But to make it clear, I might tell you that this is a low risk ingredient and its allergic reactions are rare. Shea nuts don’t have any adverse reaction even to those people who are allergic to tree nuts because Shea nuts do not possess the components to trigger any sort of allergies. Last but not the least, it is important to be clear about who can use the Shea butter products?  The answer to this is, everyone can use Shea butter products and can give a rejuvenating experience to his skin.