Types of Essential Oils for a Body Massage

Sometimes, the stress that our body and mind goes through turns so extreme that medications and natural remedies don’t seem an appropriate option. People often think that planning an outing or visiting their relatives can help them feel free and pleasant. But is that all you need? Of course, some of you might find the weekend gateway a healthy option but you can’t avoid stress for a long time. Stress can result in serious issues such as high blood pressure, heart strokes, heart attack, body ache, and much more. But no need to worry now! The oil massage therapy is there to your rescue. Look out for the best skin moisturizers out there.

For years, massage therapy was considered an effective treatment for relaxing the sore muscles and relieving the mental stress of a patient. But, with the advancement in technology, massage is widely preferred to treat physical and mental ailments. Though people do not completely switch their medication with massage therapies, they consider it a great complementary option which works well when taken along with the prescribed medication. Massage is often performed with the essential oils to provide maximum benefit to the patient. Here are some common massage oils that are highly preferred by the therapist:

  • Lavender

Lavender oil is especially known for its pain relieving properties. Perhaps, this is why people often massage their tensed muscles or joins with lavender. Apart from providing you relief from pain and body ache, lavender has proven to be a great remedy for medical patients struggling with insomnia (sleeping disorder). What's more? Lavender is also used in skin care and hair purposes. All that the therapist needs to do is add a few drops (probably 5-6 drops) of lavender oil into their main massage oil and that's it! It won't take a long time for the patient to observe the amazing benefits of this essential massage oil. Alternatively, you can add Lavender to other personal care products to enjoy its properties before and after the massage.

  • Mandarin

Mandarin is one of the popular Massage oils used by a large number of therapists out there. This oil gives off the pleasant floral fragrance and is known for its soothing attributes. From helping medical patients to get rid of the anxiety disorders to curing their scar tissue, Mandarin is widely utilized in recent times. In addition to this, Mandarin is gentle oil which can be used with children as well. You can try out the best skin moisturizers as well.

  • Frankincense

Are you suffering from depression? Is the feeling of hopelessness, worthlessness, and stress troubling you? Well, Frankincense massage oil can turn out to be the best possible solution for your psychological and physical health issues. It soothes coughs, helps in meditation, deepens breathing, and relaxes your overall body. Its antidepressant, as well as anti-inflammatory properties are sufficient to relieve the painful muscles, eliminate unnecessary stress and negativity from your mind, bring about the feeling of positivity, and help you feel better. It can either be used with blends or without any other oil, though it makes an amazing blend when combined with a few drops of lavender.

  • Geranium

Though Geranium is great therapeutic oil, it is often blended with the other essential massage oils. Geranium oil is widely used in cosmetics and skincare products as it has an amazing skin glowing and scar removing properties. Besides that, Geranium oil is mainly used by the female therapist as it is used for treating menstrual or menopause issues.


Geranium is recognized for its pleasant floral aroma accompanied by the mood-uplifting and not to mention the relaxing effects that relieve your body from stress and brings about the relaxing sensation. Geranium was widely utilized for the preparation of several medicines. It was mostly recommended to the patients dealing with improper blood circulation, scar tissues, and other such health conditions.

  • Coriander

This sweet and warm massage therapy oil is originated from the Cilantro plant. The coriander essential massage oil therapy is provided to patients who are suffering from digestive ailments. In addition, it is also used to improve a human circulatory system and the functioning of the pancreas.

These were the five essential oils that are largely used in massage therapies. From relieving your mental stress to curing the physical ailment, having oil massage therapy can be the best way to rid your body of unwanted tensions.