Black Soap-Body Wash, w/Spearmint, 16 oz

Black Soap-Body Wash, w/Spearmint, 16 oz


Spearmint Black Soap also contains rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils, for an aroma that intoxicates your senses. Furthermore, even though all our soaps double as a shampoo, this particular combination is definitely the best blend for scalp and hair treatment.

100% NATURAL.  Only 5 simple ingredients: water, potash, coconut oil, sea salt, and essential oils.  A third grader could read our ingredients and you could make yourself if you had the time.

ANTI-BACTERIAL/ANTI-FUNGAL. A natural exfoliator that reveals a new you after every wash. Absolutely nothing cleans better.

MEDICINAL. Proven effective in combating the symptoms caused by eczema & acne.

MADE IN GHANA. We’re handcrafted in Ghana, West Africa, by the very descendants of the originators of this craft.

Make bad hair days, a memory of the past by making this black soap shampoo a part of your hair care routine.

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