African Black Soap

African Black Soap- The Liquid Version

As the saying goes: Old is Gold. In Africa we’ve followed the same self-care regime for eons and the effect is marvelous.  African black soap body wash, locally known as alata samina, is an example of a traditional beauty secret that is still being used to date. The recipe is simple, cocoa pod ashes (for potash), coconut oil (for fat), water and essential oils. Black soap comes from West Africa, but it is now world renown because of its benefits.

Works Well On All Skin Types

Like so much that originated in Africa, it can be used by people from every part of the world. It’s black soap, but that doesn’t mean it’s just for black people, in fact, numerous other people are the reason for the leap in demand worldwide. Discovers’ of our formula from all continents, cherish our black soap for its undisputed properties.  Europeans and even Asians are loving the effects of a mild exfoliant that removes all bacteria and also prevents the symptoms caused by many skin disorders.

Acne Fighter

The problem of acne is the most common skin disorder and the source of much agony.  Black soap has been found effective in reducing and often eliminating the symptoms caused by acne, without introducing harsh chemicals to your face.


This soap has anti-bacterial properties, so much so it actually exfoliates, removing dirt and dead skin cells. Despite being strong it is gentle on the skin.

A solution to Soothe Irritation

African black soap may also be used to soothe itchiness and irritation caused by eczema. It can also be helpful in clearing the rashes related to the same.

Prevents Razor Burn and Rashes

Exfoliation helps in keeping your skin smooth after shaving, waxing, or other methods of hair removal. Exfoliating will help remove dead skin cells before they can clog your hair follicles. There are chances that one can get a cut or bruise by a razor that can cause a burning sensation.  The astringent properties in African black soap also helps to prevent bumps that result from razor cuts. Plus it lathers well enough to be used as a shaving cream!

Improves Skin Texture

African black soap body wash is full of natural gifts.  Because of its cleansing power, after the removal of dirt build-up, it leaves the skin taut and supple. No more saggy, oily skin.  This is a feeling you will notice almost immediately after use.  Without effort, this black soap will make your skin radiate.

Hair Wash

African Black Soap Body Wash does wonders for the skin and it has proven a boon for the hair as well.  Nothing breaks through scalp build-up like our liquid black soap.  It cleans the roots and penetrates the locs, bringing new life to every strand.


Because it breaks up product build-up (scales) dandruff finds no place to hide. Regular washing (once a week) with our liquid black soap will be all you need to manage your dandruff.

In Short

African black soap body wash has numerous benefits for skin and hair.  It has stood the test of time because of it.  Discover for yourself how black soap can change your world.


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