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Affiliate Marketing is the Perfect Side-Hustle

Our Approach:

You no longer need 10,000 followers to be an influencer, you can influence your small network and still earn good money in commissions.

Influencers usually post an “Ads” on social media and bank on a 2-3% conversion rate, but there’s a much better approach that yields 30-35% positive responses. 

For this to work, first you must already be familiar with the Earth Seed brand and a user of our products.  It is your shared personal experience that translates into sales. Without that relationship with the products, almost anything you say will come across like an empty sales pitch.

Second, you must be prepared to customize your presentation. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. You use a different dialect for your peers, your boss, your stylist, and/or your family.  Sub-consciously and instinctively we adjust to whomever we’re speaking.  That authenticates our conversations and translates into a familiarity that resonates deeper, way deeper than the one-size-fits-all approach. When spoken to in a language we’re deeply familiar with we are 10x more receptive to a new idea.

Last, but not least, you must follow up. Most of us all lead very busy lives so we require friendly reminders.  If you’re passionate about the benefit of a product, then it’s expected you will want your circle to enjoy the benefits.  One reminder after the initial introduction is all we suggest. Beyond that you might sound like a nag. You don’t want to get blocked from your friends and family, you just want to let them know about the great product you’re using and possibly put them on.

Here’s what a message might read like if I were corresponding with my biological sister:

Intro pitch:

Yo Marj, you gotta check out this black soap I’m using. It’s awesome! The lather, the smell and the feeling after every shower is like no soap I’ve ever used.  Even the children love it! Try it now, thank me later…

Follow up pitch: (2 weeks later)

Did you check out that soap I told you about? If so what’d you think?

How it works:

  • Register to become an affiliate.
  • You will receive login credentials and a unique code necessary for identifying your referrals/visitors and sales.
  • You will attach that code to end of any of pages, depending on which of our products you are promoting.  For example our home page is, when I add my unique code it becomes
  • The modified URL (web-address) will direct the viewer to the designated page, with a tracker indicating that he or she was referred by you.
  • Test your links before sharing.  Here’s how:
  • Go to the affiliate’s dashboard page:
  • Login in with your email address and password
  • View visits for the day
  • Then add your unique code to the end of an page in a separate tab.
  • Go right back to the tab with the Affiliate dashboard page, refresh it, and you should notice a new visit for today
  • Once you have a working link then it’s time to share. (If you experience any difficulties contact us for support.) I suggest sharing with 5 persons to start.  Find out what gets the best response, before going ham on your contact list.


  • We pay 15% commissions on sales made from your referral.  Thus you receive 15% of the total sale, minus the cost of shipping. 
  • You are paid every time your commissions amount to 100+ Ghs.
  • You can monitor your commissions by visiting


  • Initial visits to the site are usually a look-see.  Most people will check out prices, (which are in Ghana Cedis) and payment methods (Ghana residents pay via mobile money and don’t have to have credit cards). For this reason we use cookies so that person will remain your referral up to 360 days after their first visit.  As long as they get on from the same IP address (most do), our affiliate app will recognize them as your visitor and credit you with the commission.
  • Furthermore, once that person tries and likes our products, there’s a very good chance they will shop with us again.  You will continue to receive commissions from your referral for up to one year.
  • Some of your friends won’t believe you until they see validation elsewhere. For instance, if they see an ad running on IG promoting the same product, then they are inclined to think the product must be really good. As long as they reconnect within the year of their initial visit, you will still receive a commission for their purchase.

To Sum It Up:

  • Earth Seed’s Affiliate Program requires no upfront investment to purchase product, no logistical nightmares and no risks. This is marketing with absolutely no heavy lifting, all you need is your smartphone or laptop and you can begin selling our products and earning commissions.
  • If this sounds like something you can do, sign up today and get started:

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