AriEl & Egyinma Yahzid, Founders

AriEl & Egyinma Yahzid, Founders

Earth Seed, Our Story

At the time I had been making self-care products under the brand name Salifu’s and they were then, as they are now, my pride and joy. If I wanted to impress you I would surely bless you with a bottle of body wash, as I did that beautiful Sister on that fateful day. To my relief, she responded with a smile and graciously received my gift, along with my number.

Fast forward six months and she, Egyinma, quit her office job and became my brand ambassador and my productions manager. She stepped right up to the plate, mastering the arts of sales and product development. She drew in countless customers on our vending expeditions, improved my existing products and then she went on to add 10 new products to our line, not to mention, giving birth to our 2 children, which she now home-schools whilst supervising the factory and preparing gourmet vegan meals.  Of course I wifed her, but not before I made her a partner in the company.

In 2015 we renamed our brand Earth Seed, inspired by Octavia Butler’s dystopian novel (Parable of the Sower) wherein Earthseed served as a guide for Keeper’s of the Way, caught up in a world gone astray, much like the world we live in today, yet determined not to lose their Way. We share their determination and even employ her template, thus we pay homage to the author.

Our team consists of the best graphics designer in Ghana, Bernie Kodjo, a couple of sharp bean counters, Goalconsult, our ever faithful courier, Kofi, and some very detail oriented factory hands. They, coupled with an array of A-listed suppliers, enable us to consistently produce the premium self-care products you know us for.