Black Soap-Body Wash w/Lemon Grass, 500 ml

Black Soap-Body Wash w/Lemon Grass, 500 ml


We use plant-based materials to create a body wash that naturally exfoliates, smells great and packs a bubble bath-like lather.  Our formula is also effective in preventing and reducing the effects of skin-born diseases like acne, eczema and psoriasis, thus it's the dermatologist's choice.  But is doesn't stop there, it doubles as a fantastic shampoo, uprooting dirt build, giving your scalp and hair a chance to breath. 

The formula we use is the same one past down for centuries, only the packaging has been updated. There are no thickening agents like SLS in our body wash, so you will notice we are thinner than most liquid soaps, but don't let that fool you, we clean, lather and smell the best!

100% NATURAL, NO THICKENING AGENTS OR PRESERVATIVES.  Strictly plant-based material go into our body wash, in fact there are only 4 simple ingredients: Potash (ashes from the cocoa pod), coconut oil, water and essential oils. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a thickening agent used in 99% of the liquid soaps on the market.  It is also a known carcinogen and we will have none of it! So you will notice our soap is thinner than most, which takes a little getting used to, but once you see how much it lathers and experience a noticeably better clean, you too will get over it and agree it is better to preserve your skin than to preserve your soap.

MULTI-PURPOSE. An understatement. Our body wash gets beneath the surface, neutralizes the strongest body odor, and helps with the removal of dead skin.  It also doubles as the best shampoo. Absolutely nothing breaks up and removes the build-up on your scalp and in your hair like our soap. And if you need a rich lather for shaving, our soap has you covered there as well.  Powerful as it is, it is perfectly safe for a new born child.

MEDICINAL. Potash has the inherent ability to counter the effects of skin-born diseases like eczema.  Countless people have testified to the relief they experience after just 2 weeks of showering with our soap, however there are some people (roughly 10%) who claim to see no improvement whatsoever.  If you are buying this soap to control symptoms of a skin related disease and you happen to be in that group who aren’t relieved then you are entitled full refund. Simple as that.

WE DO IT FOR THE LOVE, NOT FOR THE LIKES. Our body wash will take you where no other soap as taken you before.  The experience will inspire a deep seeded love, followed by an affair of epic proportion. But if you’re not swept away and you heart strings virtually untouched, then rest assured, you too can get a full refund.  We’ve not found the formula that will pleases everyone, only one that pleases a certain few very much.

MADE IN GHANA. We do not purchase black soap on the open market and simply liquefy, instead we are in partnership with the descendants of those who originally crafted this skill.  We are the modern day stewards of this ancient soap making craft, preserving and perfecting the authentic art form for generations and worlds to come.

Note: Pricing includes postage world-wide.

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