The 2nd Natural Expo, a Cooperative Event

Here's why your company needs to participate:

  • Your company is one of the pioneer green businesses in Ghana.

  • You're passionate about what you do and still more concerned with the greater good than the greatest profit.

  • You offer real solutions for real people.

  • You really care.

  • You know that the more enlightened a person is, the better the customer, so you invest in customer awareness.

  • Then you, like us, have a vested interest in the Natural Expo.

  • Together we can make the Natural Expo the catalyst for moving Ghana in the direction of a paradigm shift.

  • We, the pillars of the Green Industry in Ghana, owe it to discerning consumers.


  • Earth Seed provides the plan and the team to do all the leg work.

  • Partners lend their brand name to endorse the Natural Expo.

  • Partners promote the event in their business and on their social networks.

  • Partners Contribute one tenth of the costs.

  • Partners present their goods and/or services to attendees at the event.

What's in it for your brand

  • Credit for this event will be shared with our Partners. Your logo will be featured on all social media ads.

  • Partners enjoy special branding rights at the event.

  • Partners will be allocated booth sizes of their choosing.

  • 2 Natural Expo T-Shirts


  • 940.00 GHS

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