The Natural Expo

Once a year, coinciding with Ghana's Independence Day (March 6th), Earth Seed puts on the Natural Expo. This event celebrates and promotes natural living.  We come together with companies, like our own, who realizes that if we destroy our environment, deplete our natural resources and poison our temples, we are facing extinction.  Those of us who refuse to accept that fate strive to make less of an imprint and more of an impact.  The result is the emergence of the green industry in Ghana, companies providing goods and services that are healthier and/or more sustainable.  The Natural Expo highlights such companies and the wonderful advances they are making, whilst creating an atmosphere that stimulates thought and action.

Thanks to the wonderful patronage at our first two events, we are encouraged to water this seed and watch it grow.  Thanks also, to our host, Legon Botanical Gardens, for creating the perfect space for such an event.  And thanks, most of all, to the green entrepreneurs that  contribute to make it happen.

For a complete directory of our awesome exhibitors click here.

See you next year.