WTF is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate?

Did you know that the average woman puts on 200 different chemicals onto her skin daily, 60% of which penetrate her skin and go directly into the blood stream.  Add to that the profusionn of chemicals she adds to the hair through to the scalp and the intake is mind boggling.  The most common of these culprits is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). It can be found in most body washes, shampoos and toothpaste.

WTF R Parabens?

I'm fond of telling new customers that our products do not contain parabens. In response I generally get verbal accolades, but when I sneak a peak into their eyes I read the same question: WTF are parabens???

The Benefits of Baobab Oil

As a relatively recent arrival to the marketplace in the US and Europe, baobab oil is rapidly making its way into this highly-valued family of natural ingredients. It is touted for its effectiveness as a non-greasy emollient for hair, for its ability to add shine, and for its ability to penetrate the hair strands, where it can add elasticity and suppleness. There are also anecdotal reports of baobab oil helping to eliminate dandruff and reduce environmental damage to the hair. So what exactly is baobab oil? Can it live up to the claims? How does it differ from some other popular botanical oils?

Why A Natural Expo?

Ghanaians are no more than two generations away from living more natural lifestyles.  Most parents of today’s parents gave birth at home, never used plastic, never heard of diabetes, consumed coconut oil, farmed organically and ate what they grew.  As a result, they lived longer, their teeth and bones were stronger and they had more children, thus enjoying a better quality of life than their children. That is reason enough to reconsider some of the choices we have made and are making as a Nation.